Recording Studios

gareth through glassGareth Henderson has been a recording studio producer  - initially privately and then as a profession - for over 25 years. In the 15 years plus he has run commercial recording studios, he has worked with a huge range or artists, both famous and otherwise, and has taken huge pride in crafting the best results possible for them all - whatever their level.

Names you may recognise include Birdy, Yazz ( who sang "The Only Way Is Up"), Mark Hill (writer and producer of most of Craig David's hits as well as Artful Dodger), Corinne Bailey Rae, Alesha Dixon and Jazz/Soul artist Omar.

Corporate Clients have included The BBC One show, Sky Sports, Channel 4, BBC Two, merchant banks and national building firms (for in house audio needs) as well as audio used in the production of telecommunication systems. In short - if it's audio, we can record it!



VocalTech Studios is perfect for a number of different types of recording projects but basically, through intelligent use of technology, all audio needs can be catered for, so if what you need is not on the list below, please get in touch and enquire. We'll let you know what's available to suit your needs.

A list of the technology etc that we use to achieve our results is included at the bottom of this page.

Singer / Songwritersblurry G

We have an excellent track record with singer / songwriters and our studio has a fantastic range of software and hardware tools that are perfect for developing songs from bare ideas, all the way through to fully fleshed out, finished productions. It's also a massive bonus to many singers that they are being produced by a fellow vocalist and vocal teacher, as Gareth can help get the best from their voice and suggest harmonies and improvements to vocal melodies etc.

Some singers come to us to record their first ever song, and may well need help with writing them, which is something we are very happy to do. An initial idea and a willingness to try is often all that is needed to kick the process off.

For more experienced songwriters, it's often great to have a seasoned ear to reflect on the songs and to offer alternatives to stretch and grow their capabilities. We can help with everything from lyrics, melodies, chord choices, harmonies, arrangements, instrument choices and of course things like mixing and mastering, all as part of the session.


Vocal over Backing Tracks (vocal demos or showreels etc)

We are aware that some studios don't like to record vocalists singing over backing tracks. They feel it's not a "proper" studio session.

We like to view things differently. With the pressure to get the music right taken away, we concentrate exceptionally hard to make sure the vocal sounds the very best the singer can deliver. That can mean helping the vocalist sing the song the best way they can or by doing an exceptional job of the vocal edits and mixing etc. We know Singing in a way few studio engineers ever will. We know what is the singer's responsiblity and we know when they have done everything they can and it's time for the engineer to take over the process. We also know how a singer - especially a nervous one - needs to be guided in order to deliver a confident vocal.

Experience Sessions - Gifts etc

We are used to working with all sorts of singers - not just ones who have been in studios for their whole career but ones who have never been to one before! If you are thinking of buying a studio session as a gift for a loved one, a reward for a teenager who's done well at college, an incentive or teambuilding exercise for employees or even to record a song for a special occasion (wedding first dances etc) then we will make the experience a great one. 

Full Bands

Although the VocalTech Studio only has a single recording booth, we can still record bands! The booth is certainly snug for a drum kit but it will fit and the result is a very tight drum sound that can then be effected to be as small or a big as possible. The rest of the band play in the large control room, with guide vocals going down with the initial band performance and being replaced with a final vocal once the music is complete. We have everything we need to capture the sound but more importantly we have the experience to help taylor the performance, arrangement and production of the song before the recording even begins. 

If the small studio environment sounds too intimate for your project, we can also record at your rehearsal or gig (we have a mobile rig) and can then overdub in the studio if needed, edit mix and master to a finished product.


Voice Overs

Whether it's for a corporate in house project, an advert or a TV or radio show, VocalTech is perfect for voice overs. Quality mics, mic pre-amps and an uncoloured vocal booth sound are all a must of course, but the reason that the BBC and a number of other major UK TV channels regularly trusted us with their recordings was also the presence of an engineer with a rounded understanding of spoken vocal delivery as well as the technological needs of sound to picture and a wide range of file formats.


Mixing Audio Recorded ElsewhereDesk and control

The advent of home recording has meant that many musicians and singers do try to do as much as they can themselves but often they are frustrated by the final results because they simply don't have either the huge range of high quality software tools, outstanding monitor speakers, well balanced acoustics or just experienced ears needed to get that great mix. If this is where you find yourself - get in touch. We can take your project from you in a variety of formats and return it as a final, iTunes ready version.


Maybe you have got as far as final mix you are happy with but it lacks the "punch", clarity and volume of the tracks you apsire to sound like. You may have even bought one of the "mastering" plug ins that you saw on the internet but it's either sounding squashed or distorted or just tiring to listen to.

Mastering is more than a Software plug-in. Sure, we use plug-ins to master - usually about 4 to 6 different ones that each cost significantly more than our main recording software! Each plug-in has it's own small part in crafting and shaping the final master, but it's the monitoring, the room and the engineer's ears and experience that truly add to a great mastering job.

Commercial Composition

If you need audio for an application that requires the music to be royalty free, we can compose and record a bespoke track to your brief and include the license in the price.

Studio Technology Lessons

Gareth Henderson has worked with studio technology for over 25 years. He's also worked in Pro Audio Sales, selling studio tech to major artists and studios, but crucially, he has lectured in Music Technology and Music Industry Practices for a number of UK colleges. He knows the hardware, the software, the processes and he knows how to explain things to others.

Lessons are available one to one in either short regular lessons or intense crash courses. 


Gear List.....and this isn't even all of it.


Apple Mac Pro  - 12 core.  2.93GHz processors. 56GB RAM. SSD system Drive. 1TB SSD Virtual Instruments Drive. 2TB Audio Drive, 3TB Video Drive. 9TB 4 Drive Raid Array.

2 x Dell 24inch 4K Ultra High Definition monitors

RME Fireface 800 Audio Interface. Very High Quality Mic Pre Amps. Very Low Latency

Avid Artist Control DAW Control Surface

Focusrite Liquid Channel - High Quality Mic Pre with ability to emulate all the industry standard Mic Pres and Compressor / EQ channels.

Drawmer 1960 2 channel Mic Pre /Compressor/ Eq.Vacuum Tube Compressor.

TLA 5001 4 Channel Mic Pre

Adam A77X 2.5 Way Monitors with Ribbon Tweeters

Sennheiser HD25sp Headphones

Behringer HA 4700 Headphone Amp

Behringer s16 16 Channel A to D with Midas Mic Pre Amps - 

Neumann TLM103 Large Diaphram Condenser Mic

Golden Age Project R1 Mk3 Active Ribbon Mic

2 X Rode NT5 Small Diaphram Condenser Mics

AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic

3 x Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic

4 x AKG D5 Dynamic Mic

6 x Samson CO2 Pencil Mic

Recording Architecture Acoustic Treatment

Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar

Levinson Blade "Stratocaster"

Yamaha Weighted Piano Action Keyboard

Waves GTR Ground USB Foot Controller


Software (All Legal - No Cracked Copies!)

Logic Pro 10 (latest versions although we also have Logic 9 if needed)

Waves Mercury Bundle, Waves Studio Classics Bundle

Universal Audio UAD 2 (wide range of plug ins)

TC Electronic Powercore

Melodyne Studio 3

Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 10

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2

Spectrasonics Omnisphere Mk2, Spectrasonics Trillian, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

Slate Digital FG-X, Slate Digital VCC, Slate Digital VBC, Slate Digital VMR Slate Digital VTM.

IK Multimedia Amplitube 3, Sampletank 3, TR Racks Deluxe 3

Plug In Alliance BX Refinement, BX Digital v2, BX XL v2, BX Boom!, BX Stereomaker, Maag Eq4, Elysia Museq, Noveltech Vocal Enhancer, ProAudioDSP DSM v2, SPL De-Esser, SPL EQ Rangers, SPL Passeq.

Steinberg Hypersonic 2, Virtual Guitarist 2, Grooveagent 3

Music Labs Real Guitar 3