yazz running backYazz is kind of a legend. There are few people over 25 who have not danced to her 80's world wide smash "The Only Way is Up". It's even been paraphrased into the title of a hit TV program (The Only Way Is Essex).

She took herself away from the music industry for many years, moving to Spain and immersing herself in her new found Christianity.

When she decided that it was time to record again, she was looking for someone who could help her capture all the funky soulfullnes that her music had always embodied but with a respect for her value and sensitivity to her position  - returning to the studio after many years was going to be nerve -racking. After an introduction from a mutual friend, Yazz and Gareth hit it off and so began a long process of pre-producing, then recording the album. 

Gareth will always be proud of what they all acheived with the complicated recording but for him, one achievment stands out the most.

Right at the beginning of process, Yazz introduced Gareth to her 15 year old daughter, Rio. Yazz informed Gareth that Rio had a beautiful voice but that he would never get her to sing in front of him because she was too shy...... 



That's Rio doing most of the complex backing vocals on the album and dueting with her mother on the track "Look To Me" :-)