Artist Development Program :

Key Benefits:-

* Monthly Sessions

* Help with writing your own songs - whatever your current level.

* High Quality Productions of the Songs you write.

* Video shoot for use promoting your EP of material.

Some years ago, while reviewing the successes of the studio work Gareth had so far been involved in, he realised that by far the best work he'd been able to achieve was not the artists that came in for a day - or a week or more - and recorded a single project, but more with those that had come for a session, gone away with some further ideas of what they could change or improve, and then returned on numerous occasions to repeat the process.

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We set about the task of turning this into something more formal and specific and our Artist Development Program was born.

It's basically pretty simple. A client commits to having a single session each month, for 12 months. Each of these sessions can be individually arranged - it doesn't need to be the same day every month and there is flexibility in working around holidays or in the case of younger clients - college.

In exchange, as well as providing that one studio session a month, we will help with things like getting "in the studio" type performance videos onto youtube, whilst the artist is still in the program, but crucially, towards the end of the program, we will shoot and edit a "promo" video for one of the tracks you will have recorded, to spearhead your promotion of your new material on YouTube and other social media.

Now we won't pull the wool over your eyes - this video will not have the budget of Jurasic World or the new Star Wars movie - but as a small studio that care about your end result and would love to see you promoting your songs - that we have helped develop - we will work hard with you to make sure this video is polished and professional. It's as much a shop window for our skills as it is for your music, so we want it to be right.

Along the program, we will help with your songwriting , whether that means taking skills you already have and refining them or, if you are new to songwriting, we are happy to give you tasks andSession ethan pointing challenges to develop that skill from the start and to strengthen it as we go.

You'll also get the help with harmonies and vocal delivery that you'd expect from a studio like ours, but because you'll be coming back month after month, your skills in these things will build with time.

It is also our plan, once enough clients have completed the program, to organise seasonal, professional showcase gigs to show of the catalogue of songs they will have recorded.

No one can guarantee you success in the music industry and we wholeheartedly believe that people that promise that their skills or connections WILL get you to succeed are selling you a cruel illusion.

What we promise is this - If you join our development program and work hard on the things we agree together that you need to do, you will end up better than you started, you will have some recordings that represent the BEST of what you can acheive at this point in your process, you will have a video to use to promote your work and hopefully (based on out past experience anyway!) you will have had some fun along the way.

CONTACT US TO ARRANGE A MEETING TO SEE IF YOU ARE ELIGABLE FOR THIS PROGRAM : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here's what one of our Artist Development Program members had to say about her experience:

Tara Flanagan

Tara EP CoverHaving the opportunity to work with the extremely talented Gareth Henderson was an absolute pleasure and certainly brilliant experience.

Prior to recording with Gareth, I hadn’t recorded my original material in a studio before, so I felt very lucky to have been approached and invited onto his artist development programme after meeting him at a music competition I competed in where he was a judge.

From just my first session meeting Gareth, I could identify his professional and driven approach, whilst also feeling completely comfortable working with him.tara live Gareth was able to see the potential from my songs, and rapidly brought them to life. It was truly inspiring and exciting to work with him and see step by step, how my acoustic songs transformed into full, highly professional tracks, which I am SO pleased with! His skills with producing my music was extremely impressive, as was his support with my vocals, using his knowledge and skill to enable me to perform to a high ability. I can’t thank Gareth enough for his remarkable work on my tracks, one of which I am proud to say is my debut single – ‘RUN RUN RUN’ also on my debut EP ‘THE GAME’ which I have now released on iTunes and Amazon and other music sites. I was overwhelmed by the response with this track, receiving several radio airplays, being featured in different music sites and also entering the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts. My EP also features ‘VOLUMES’, my first original song I ever recorded, which Gareth also produced.

Other than being talented, Gareth is also a genuine, extremely positive and lovely person too. Each session was a joy and he was a real inspiration with my music. The support I received was honestly amazing - I could see how he really wanted me to do the best I could and I am highly appreciative for that.

It was a real experience recording and working with Gareth and I would recommend him to everyone! If given the opportunity, I would love to work with him again!