Nick Tatham

Nick TathamNick is a unique singer / songwriter in so many ways. Diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome as a child, he was put on very strong medication that had a number of adverse side effects, all hoping to control his temper and involuntary ticks. It was not until he discovered his love of singing that he truly found a way to moderate the symptoms of his Tourettes without the need for strong drugs and as the medicated haze cleared, a beautuful songwriting soul was revealed. 

Nick's songwriting has always been has eclectic as he himself is, never feeling the need to be tied to any one genre but keen to explore as many different ones as he could - not to find one he loved but to emininate the few he didn't!

Immensely creative and instinctual, Nick could always be relied upon to do the unexpected - including occasionally nodding off to sleep for the best part of the day on the studio sofa! :-)