Tara Flanagan

Tara EP CoverTara and Gareth met when she was a finalist in one of the national talent competitions that he judged. She joined the Artist Development Program that he ran and the together they worked on her new EP. Here are her thoughts on the process :

"Having the opportunity to work with the extremely talented Gareth Henderson was an absolute pleasure and certainly brilliant experience.

Prior to recording with Gareth, I hadn’t recorded my original material in a studio before, so I felt very lucky to have been approached and invited onto his artist development programme after meeting him at a music competition I competed in where he was a judge.

From just my first session meeting Gareth, I could identify his professional and driven approach, whilst also feeling completely comfortable working with him.tara live Gareth was able to see the potential from my songs, and rapidly brought them to life. It was truly inspiring and exciting to work with him and see step by step, how my acoustic songs transformed into full, highly professional tracks, which I am SO pleased with! His skills with producing my music was extremely impressive, as was his support with my vocals, using his knowledge and skill to enable me to perform to a high ability. I can’t thank Gareth enough for his remarkable work on my tracks, one of which I am proud to say is my debut single – ‘RUN RUN RUN’ also on my debut EP ‘THE GAME’ which I have now released on iTunes and Amazon and other music sites. I was overwhelmed by the response with this track, receiving several radio airplays, being featured in different music sites and also entering the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts. My EP also features ‘VOLUMES’, my first original song I ever recorded, which Gareth also produced.

Other than being talented, Gareth is also a genuine, extremely positive and lovely person too. Each session was a joy and he was a real inspiration with my music. The support I received was honestly amazing - I could see how he really wanted me to do the best I could and I am highly appreciative for that.

It was a real experience recording and working with Gareth and I would recommend him to everyone! If given the opportunity, I would love to work with him again!"