Charley Macaulay

Charley Macaulay All I KnowCharley Macaulay first came to the attention of VocalTech's Gareth Henderson when she was just 7 years old. She had joined the Pop Academy he ran with his wife and although Charley may not have been pitch perfect, her enthusiasm, stage presence and talent were evident even then.

She stayed with the Academy for 9 years, additionally having private vocal lessons with Gareth. She was constantly growing in both confidence and pure ability, and in the meantime, developing her songwriting skills and partnering with a range of other local UK musicians.

A magical pairing with talented, young guitarist Tom James saw the two of them writing a range of promising songs that they recorded with Gareth.

These recordings made their way to famous niche record company "Acid Jazz" who were responsible for an entire generation of "funky" music in the 90's. They took the unsual step of advising Charley that whatever she do, she should keep recording her new songs with the same studio she was recording in as they were "nailing it".

Charley and her band got the chance to support major chart artists Anastacia, Simply Red, Will Young and superstar Tom Jones at massive outdoor gigs.

When Acid Jazz finally decided that they were ready to sign Charley and release their first full, single artist (not compliation) album in many years, they were thrilled with an album that was not only engineered, produced and mixed by Gareth, but they also were happy to let him master it too. With a full live band, a three piece brass section and a percussionist, the recording of the album was a major undertaking and all involved deserve to be proud of it. Check it out on iTunes if you want to hear it in full.