Birdy Fire WithinWhen she was just 12 years old, Birdy won a national talent contest that was sponsored by Gareth Henderson's studio. Her prize was studio time with Gareth to record here first EP. Her wise father, Rupert, suggested that instead of coming in for a week to simply record the EP, Birdy would instead have a day occasionally, so that Gareth could comment on what she had done so far and set her challenges and tasks to expand what she was currently achieving with songwriting and singing.

Over a period of many months, her early demos were recorded and it was one of these early demos that allowed her to secure her first industry contract.

As her record company took her around the world to various famous producers and studios, Birdy would still return to Gareth to work on the challenging vocals. Legendary producer Rich Costey even watched one of these recording sessions and commented "“It was wonderful having an ear in on your session, your expertise and talent was impressive.  Hope to work with you again.”

When Birdy has recorded overseas, Gareth continues to work with her over Skype, preparing her for delivering her best vocal and when she can make it to his studios, recording her in person,  6 years after recording her for the first time.