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Amanda Canzurlo

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 Amanda Canzurlo started singing from the young age of 4. She attended Johnny Young Talent School and throughout her childhood years she continued to work on her vocals with private lessons. She started performing professionally, whist still at High School, aged just 14! She had recorded 2 CD’s by the age of 16 and was performing around WA at corporate events with her school band on weekends.

In her early 20’s she started performing with Perth’s leading cover band Hi-NRG and moved on to perform with many other cover bands as the lead singer for DAKOTA, Little Belle & Avalon Duo.

She returned to her musical studies at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and in 2014 Amanda graduated with a Diploma of Contemporary Music.

Over the past 15 years Amanda has travelled around the world with her original music .

Amanda began performing under the pseudonym “Bloom” and will be releasing her debut EP in late 2015. Find out more at  www.bloomofficial.com.au

SealAs A Voice Teacher, Amanda has studied with a number of  internationally accredited teachers and has completed the highly respected “B.A.S.T certification. She certified as a “Vocology In Practice” (ViP) authorised teacher, and enjoyed the benefits of it’s network of teachers, mentors, doctors & speech therapists who have all worked with high profile artists.

Amanda encourages her students to step out of their comfort zone and onto the stage, whether it is to perform covers or original songs. She encourages her students to write and explore their own creativity, drawing on the wealth of experience she has with her own songwriting and performance, to help them.

Lessons with Amanda can include the following subjects:

  • Basic and Advanced Vocal Technique
  • Harmonies
  • Songwriting
  • Connecting through song
  • Improving your confidence
  • Basic Music Theory
  • How to deal with nerves
  • Building your brand as an artist / Social Media Tips


Below is a testimonial from one of Amanda’s students.

"I have had many very well accredited singing teachers over the years, but I can confidently say that not one even comes close to comparing to Amanda. I have been a student of hers for five years now and what she has taught me in that time is invaluable. Her definitive in depth knowledge and understanding of singing technique, vocal anatomy, artistry and performance, paired with her extensive experience, put her in a league of her own. Many teachers will give the same scales every lesson solely for the purpose of doing scales or warming up. Amanda however, will give no two students the same set of scales, nor will she give one student the same scales every week. Each lesson she evaluates the voice and will work to give specific scales and vowel sounds to target the student's current problem areas so that they will progress constantly. When it comes to song, many teachers will help the student to learn a song and help them with parts which they might have trouble with. Amanda will meticulously dissect every single component of the song with the student, helping them to make it their own, to capture the essence of each individual word and note, and to tell a story. In a positive, encouraging, motivating and focused environment, Amanda gives her students training which allows them to be separated from others, providing them with every opportunity to grow, and I could not recommend a better tutor or mentor."

-Singer/Songwriter Jazzy Lee (2015)

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